Mufindi Woodpoles Plant and Timber LTD (MWPT) was established in the year 2002, and since then it has grown to be one of the leading wooden poles manufacturer in Tanzania. The company was formed from a ‘family business’ with over 20 years pole business experience..
Mufindi Woodpoles Plant and Timber Ltd (MWPT) treats and processes their wood products to TZS 661:2001 (BS 4072:1999) and TZS 685:2001 (BS 1990:Part 1), but can also treat to other standards or specifications if required. They have several inspections and tests in place to ensure that the products adhere to their client’s requirements and to these specifications.


Telephone & Transmission Poles


Building and Fencing



Treated wood poles should be stored away from continual contact with the ground by wooden supports (old poles or timber). Poles should be stored on level clear ground and away from possible flooding or groundwater at a height of 300mm. They can be layered upwards using similar sizes to conserve on storage area. If poles are to be stored for very long periods the storage area should be covered and chemical leakage should be considered if near watercourses or drains.



When a treated wood pole is erected for use in the field, there is several destructive forces that can eventually cause pole ‘failure’. The main ones are decay, insect attacks, fire and lightening. Most
utilities have inspection schedules for their wood pole lines and the following should be used as a guideline and not ‘limited to’ for checks and inspections.

  • Decay
  • Insect attacks
  • Fire
  • Lightening